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Fabulous Fall

October 10th, 2011

I used to say summer was my favorite season.  Then we moved to Kansas City.  Between the heat, humidity, and bugs, well…I’ve changed my mind.  Spring and Fall are my favorites!  And – WOW – Kansas City truly has a beautiful Fall!  Prince Charming assures me it’s nothing quite like New Hampshire (he attended college there.)  However, until I’ve seen a New Hampshire Autumn, I think I’ll continue to relish in my Kansas City one.

I wish every weekend was for playing.  It’s kind of nice not owning your own home.  We are currently renting which releases us from “homeowner obligations” – no lawns to mow or things to fix!   We don’t see this as a permanent state, but for now, we are enjoying it!  This weekend was the perfect Fall weekend – even with summery temperatures in the 80s!  Quite unseasonable – and perfectly wonderful!

Just as a forewarning, this post is picture-heavy.  I couldn’t help myself and I’m not about to cut out one of these priceless photos.  I only wish we had a third day in the weekend to find more Fall Fun memories to make!

Picking Apples at Wagon Wheel Orchard on Saturday:



I need to have a caption contest for this next photo!  What a crack-up!!  How on earth did we click the camera right as he was sticking his tongue out?!  Anyone have any great caption ideas?

We’ll be eating apples for awhile…think I’ll make a pie!

Playing in the backyard after a fun day at the Orchard:

Wow, I love her.  Wish she wasn’t growing up so fast on me.  She brings such incredible JOY to our lives!

Sunday was probably my very favorite day.  After a great morning at church, we grabbed a couple of sub sandwiches and headed to the beautiful Shawnee Mission Park for a picnic.  Gorgeous!!  We threw Boo’s kite in the car before we left the house and it made for the perfect Sunday afternoon.

Boo really loves to fly her kite – especially when she can do it “by self”!  :o)  And she’s pretty good at it too!  Love that smile…

I’m not sure what we were thinking, but we gave Boo the camera and let her try to take a picture of us.  Had us so cracked up!

First attempt, not so good.  I didn’t love my hair anyway.  But, she got it the next time!  Not bad for a two and a half year old!  She is hooked now and after we wrangled the camera away from her, we had to delete about 200 photos of the grass and our feet!  :o)

The Fall leaves were beyond gorgeous!  I love this photo Prince Charming captured:

Nothing tops off a perfect Fall weekend like a pumpkin spice or caramel latte!  Yum!  (Masterfully crafted by Prince Charming!)

                      What are your favorite things to do in the Fall?


  1. Cinderella’s Mother
    | #1

    What a fun weekend! As Gg to Boo – well, lots of photos are welcome since God doesn’t have it in His plan for us to live by our precious grandgirl, and be more a part of her life. Many beautiful photos. Love you my sweet princess, Boo! And, miss you so much!

  2. Michelle
    | #2

    Can your Prince Charming please make me a pumpkin spice latte too?! This picture is making me drool…

    • terra
      | #3

      Absolutely!! Come see us and he’d be happy to make unlimited lattes for you!! :o ) Miss you, friend!

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