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September 12th, 2011

My baby is growing up and I don’t like it.  It’s not that I’m not proud of her – I am.  She’s so smart, and beautiful, and talented – and really, am I not voicing what every mother thinks of their child??  I’m just not ready for my tiny girl to be my big girl – not yet.  She’s been sick with a cold this weekend and I have relished in the snuggle times that she is allowing, since she is under-the-weather.  Snuggle times are fewer and farther between when you are two and a half and busy, busy, busy.  She is so eager to learn and while I’m not sure she’s ready for full-on preschool, I do think she is ready for some “Mommy’s School”.  I remember my own mom and I doing “Mommy’s School” when I was a preschooler.  I loved those times and was always excited to sit down with my mom and learn new things.  (This would be a good time to insert a big THANK YOU to my wonderful mom here – she had me exceptionally prepared for Kindergarten/school and I remember those times with such fondness!)  How weird to think that Boo will remember these times too.  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was rocking my tiny baby and doing the happy dance when she learned to roll over?  Now she knows her ABC’s and counting.  How time flies.

So, we started school last week.  I’m aiming for an hour or so – two days a week.  Not a big deal and we’re throwing in way more playtime than we are sit-down, learning time.  She is only two and half, afterall.

We knew I would be homeschooling Boo for preschool someday and knew we would eventually need a desk for her.  She also needed a workspace all her own, other than our coffee table!, for coloring, crafts, etc.  I found this great, little antique desk on Craigslist last October for ten dollars.  I didn’t take very good “before” photos of it, but here’s Boo playing on it as soon as we brought it home:













How she has grown in almost a year!  Look at those tiny little pigtails!  *sniff!*  Anyway – the desk needed a lot of TLC.  It was covered in cobwebs, had deep markings in the desktop, had rusty screws and bolts, and was bright red, blue, and yellow.  Prince Charming and I were soooo slooooow in completing this project.  The weather turned pretty snowy, which didn’t help, but we kept joking that we hoped to have the desk completed before Boo graduated college!  Ha!










Between the two of us, we:

—- sanded …and sanded… and sanded some more (even burned out our palm-sander in the process!),

—- spray-painted several coats of paint on the metal pieces and then sealed them,

—- conditioned, stained, and sealed the wood parts…sanded down the bubbles that formed after we didn’t wait for it to dry long enough before adding more sealer, then sealed it again,

… and put it all back together again.  Voila!  We have a great little desk for our girl – just her size!









The whole project (including purchasing the desk) cost us a total of $40 and we were pretty thrilled.  The pencil cup seemed to be calling out to me that it needed daisies.  A quick Wal-mart trip, and yep – daisies finished it off just right!  This was the completed project last March:













Look at that precious little face.  Want. To. Kiss.  Seriously, I have to stop looking at old pictures of Boo – so tiny, so sweet.  She really has to stop growing.  Guess that’s probably not going to happen.

I’ll write more about our school “process” in another post.  While we don’t spend a ton of time sitting in it (we are two and a half, afterall, and sitting is not something we do very much), she did spend some time coloring there today.  Let the schooling begin!

























  1. Rhiannon Turner
    | #1

    Beautiful work! That desk looks incredible – like a completely different one altogether!

  2. Cinderella’s Mother
    | #2

    I. Want. To. Kiss. Boo!!! – too. The little antique desk turned out beautifully, and I have seen it in person. Great team effort and outcome!

    And, you were my tiny girl and baby once, too. Sometimes I struggled very much with you growing up. I started Mommy’s School with you out of need to. We had moved to another city and could no longer afford to send you to preschool, which you had been in for a year. I didn’t think I could do the job of teaching you. I wasn’t trained, but I gathered materials and gave it my best. It was your kindergarten teacher that told me you were greatly advanced in comparison to most 5 year olds. I guess I did well, but then – I had and have an amazing child, too – just like you. Still proud of you, and proud of the mommy you are to Boo.

    She is a beautiful little girl and I love her so much! Her pictured with the desk makes the desk look even better!

  3. | #3

    I always wanted little desks like that in my home school! It just sets such a great tone. She and Naomi would love hanging out together. They could sit and color and be the princesses they are – until big brother Nate came along and knocked all the papers to the floor. :)
    Have fun, don’t stress about what she is learning. The important thing is giving her a love of learning!

  4. Carol
    | #4

    You did such a great job on this project! You guys poured so much love into that desk – Boo has such great parents! Excited to walk the homeschooling pre-K path with you…or at least follow!

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