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October FUN with PopPop and Gg!

December 6th, 2011

My parents came to see us in October.  It’s now December.  I’m just now blogging about this.  What can I say?  It’s been a busy two months! :)  It’s the holidays – I’m pretty sure it’s been busy for EVERYONE!

In the meantime, my super sweet, techie-husband redesigned my blog!  Welcome to my new home in blog-land!  Isn’t it cute?!  He’s so talented.  Makes it feel more like a home here to me and just looking at the bird and bike makes me smile!  THANK YOU, Prince Charming!  (Muah!)

So – (you better go get your coffee…this is a long one!) – my parents came to visit in October.  We had such a fun time with them and I’ve been eager to get on here and share some photos with you!  All 1,300 of them!  Well, maybe not… I kid not when I say we took 1,300 photos.  YES, we had that much fun!  But I surely won’t subject you to all of them!  This is a LONG post, but you simply have to make it down to the part about riding the purple body pillow to “Cowboy Sweetheart”!  (a teaser for ya!)

Here is a sampling of photos from some of the great memories we made…

An umbrella hat and stickers on his ear and nose…Boo seems pretty thrilled with her PopPop!  This was their first night in town and the next day we headed to Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead where they treated Boo to her first, real pony ride!  She was thrilled to ride “Cowboy” the horse – and is still talking about it!


PopPop even let Boo do his hair and happily joined in on a tea party…











Mom and Dad (“PopPop” and “Gg”) offered to take Boo out on a date with them so Prince Charming and I could have a date of our own.  (Umm, YES please!)  We gladly agreed and Boo loved picking out a fancy dress for her “date”.  They headed to Chick-Fil-A, the “Bob and Larry” store (Family Christian where they have a great Veggie Tales kids section), and to the mall for a ride on the Carousel! (The “pretty neighs”, as Boo calls them.)  I’m thinking the ice cream photo really says it all…


Usually, you take your kids to their first pumpkin patch experience, right?  Well, this time the kid (me) took her parents.  It was Mom and Dad’s first ever pumpkin patch on a perfectly warm, Fall day in KC!   We all had a great time picking out different varieties of pumpkins together!

They had great activities like the barrel train and yet another pony ride – all compliments of her adoring grandparents, of course!  (Can we say SPOILED?!)  Boo loved the real fire truck – she looks like a natural, eh?  :)


I just had to share the photo of Dad cleaning up the pumpkins…he always was a trendsetter…

After church the next day (Sunday), we headed back out to Shawnee Mission Park (a favorite for us!) and had a picnic and did a little kite flying again.  Another sweet memory…


Yet another park and another picnic was in store for their last day here.  Antioch Park is a favorite for Boo and me and they have a darling mini-town set up with buildings to play in and a pond where we fed the ducks.  Such a treat to have another gorgeous Fall day!


I think my favorite memory was one that was repeated EVERY night that PopPop and Gg were here visiting…the evening ritual of riding Boo’s purple body pillow to Suzy Bogguss’ “Cowboy’s Sweetheart” song!  I don’t know many grandparents that would do this every night for their grandkid – including, allowing her to dress them up and then lead them around on their horse!  (the pillow, of course!)  Just enduring Boo’s new favorite song (how did this happen?!!) is a gift  in and of itself!  These photos are quite possibly my main catalyst for getting this post published!  HILARIOUS!


Try not to hold these photos against me, Mom and Dad!!    Ha!  You two are troopers!  (I don’t remember you doing all of this for ME when I was a kid!)

The rest of the visit was filled with many storytimes, walks, bike rides, silliness, kisses and snuggles!  I’m so grateful for the love they have for Boo and also the love she obviously has for them too!


Thank you for the great visit, Mom and Dad!  We look forward to many more cherished memories with you!


  1. Cinderella’s Mother
    | #1

    Love the new design of your blog! Prince Charming is so very good at designing this sort of thing.

    Well – from the moment we arrived in Kansas City and kissed on our precious Boo, we were off on many a fun moments and adventures! The weather was an absolute gift of warmth – to be able to enjoy all things outdoors. We love visiting the Deanna Rose Farmstead with Boo, love picnics and kite flying, and my 3 little pumpkins that I brought home have even been incorporated into my Christmas decorations. Because that day was so special,I just can’t throw them away yet. We truly thank-you all for making our visit so fun!

    And a date with our Boo is the greatest! They made her ice cream cone so tall that I had to remove some of the top to make it manageable for her. She yodeled at me as I was doing that. Not happy! However, yes – the picture clearly shows that she delighted in her treat. At the mall, we ran from animal to “pretty neigh” to animal until the carousel was about to begin spinning because Boo couldn’t make up her mind about which one to ride. I told her she had to make a decision quick. Funny girl! We had so much fun on our date! Prince Charming and you will need to go out again and again so we can date Boo LOTS! Such a beautiful little princess!

    And then – yes – riding the purple pillow “neigh” will be a memory of a lifetime! Would not trade the magic of those nights! One can see in the photos that we are sweating profusely and then she wrapped us in blanket capes, and PopPop wearing a boa. HA! She won’t be delighting in this type of activity with us at 16 – but we have this treasured memory with our Boo to hold onto for a lifetime! We miss her and your family so very much, but thank our Amazing Father God for His blessings of times together! So blessed! So thankful!

    • terra
      | #2

      I will treasure these memories forever and still have to laugh at the purple pillow neigh! :o ) I know you were sweating endlessly and yet, you just let that little girl do whatever she wants! Such grandparents! :o ) We are blessed and I am thankful too! Love you!

  2. Michelle
    | #3

    LOVE the pics! My all time favorites are the first umbrella shot with PopPop, the icecream face, and little Boo teaching PopPop in the miniature school house! What fun grandparents! The “horsie” rides every night are great or should I say “pretty neighs”.

  3. | #4

    There is something so special about time with their Grandparents. I wish mom and dad lived closer so they could enjoy all the moments of their grandkids growing up!
    What fun you all had, and such great memories for Boo.

  4. Rhiannon Turner
    | #5

    Love it! What special memories to treasure.

    I gotta say, one of my favorite pictures from this post is the one of Aunt Pam with her make up mirror. Random you might say — but to me, it reminds me of when she would come to visit us when we were kids. I remember very clearly her setting that up each morning. *made me smile*

    • terra
      | #6

      @ Rhiannon – Makes me smile too, Rhiannon! Mom still doesn’t travel anywhere without her beloved make-up mirror! :o ) Love you!

  5. Cinderella’s Mother
    | #7

    Haha! Funny that you remember that, Rhiannon! Guess some things never change. I’m nothing without my morning coffee (personality in a cup) and my friend the make-up mirror! However, in the photo you mention, I had no idea so much performance was taking place on my chair right behind me! Funny blue-eyed monkey! H-A-M stamped all over her! I sure love that Boo!

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