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Saying ‘Yes’ to an Adventure With God

September 21st, 2012

Originally Posted:  March 22, 2010 by Terra

Packed to the gills, we slowly pulled out of the driveway of the sweet house that we had called home for over 3 years.  So many memories…  Yet, there was an adventure with God awaiting us in Kansas City.  And while we don’t know all that this yellow-brick road may hold for us, we do know that there is a peace that comes in knowing you are following the Will of a faithful God who does not change and has our best interests in mind.

New friends who we had been staying with up until this point, helped us move into our tiny one-bedroom apartment on February 1st.  We are only 15 minutes from Prince Charming’s office and he is loving that part!  It’s taken me awhile to get us all moved in here.  Talk about getting creative on the organizing front!  It’s not easy having so little storage space, but we’ve made it work. Boo even has part of the closet in the bedroom as her little hideaway!  Her pack ‘n play fits just perfect and we even brought Squirrel Nutkin with us from the Colorado House. Prince Charming painted that beautiful mural in her nursery, and Boo had grown fond of saying “Goodnight” to Squirrel Nutkin every time she went down for a nap.  So, I took a picture of that silly Squirrel, printed him off, and now he is hanging over her pack ‘n play.  What a treasured token from the nursery she can no longer enjoy.  She seems to like him in her new closet-nursery, though!

Friends helping us move in!

A couple photos of our new digs…

Not long after we moved in, we were joined by very unwanted company.  We thought we were killing some of the weirdest ants we had seen.  We soon learned it was a brand new crop of baby cockroaches.  The onslaught of cockroaches (big ones too!) came soon after, and we found them on our counters, in our pantry, on the floor, in the dishwasher, and even the bathroom sink.  Apparently, they like toothpaste residue.  Who would’ve thought?  It took a bit of hassling with the main office, but they soon hired a very competent exterminator to help us out.  He was pretty sure the cockroaches were coming over from our neighbors, so he treated their apartments too and has been coming every two weeks ever since.  For the first few treatments, however, I had to unload every cabinet in the kitchen and bathroom and then I could put it all back and then do it all over again in two weeks.  So much for “moving in”.  Life felt very chaotic here for the first few weeks for sure.  I *believe* we’re done unloading the cabinets now because we haven’t seen any cockroaches for a couple weeks now and we are thrilled!  Talk about disgusting!!  The exterminator is going to continue coming for quite awhile yet, as they are apparently very difficult to get rid of permanently.  We’ve taken on a whole new level of clean around here.  There’s not an item of food that isn’t in a Ziploc bag and we never leave a dirty dish in the sink for even a minute.  I also vacuum at least two times a week and have to run the dishwasher every night.  So, the first stop of the adventure hasn’t been overly thrilling!

Another strain in the adventure – Prince Charming was backed-into in our apartment complex a couple weeks ago and we are still fighting her insurance on this one.  She claims that he “backed” into her.  We’re trying to figure how that worked since her back bumper plowed into the front of Prince Charming’s car.  Thankfully, I witnessed the whole thing and took photos, so we’re hoping this resolves itself shortly.  We could use your prayers on this!

We have loved having our own space, though, despite the financial strain of maintaining a mortgage payment along with a rent payment and paying for the electricity/water/etc. of two different homes.  Our home in Colorado has not yet sold, but we are still optimistic that it will and that God has just the right buyer for us in HIS time!

Weekends have been fun around here!  We’ve spent each weekend discovering a new part of this city we now call home.  It’s been nice being free of home owner obligations and being able to just skip out the door each Saturday.  We’ve also been trying a new church each Sunday.  The Nazarene denomination is headquartered here in KC, so we feel like we are in a Nazarene candy shop when it comes to the number of churches here!  We are having fun experiencing the different kinds of churches within the denomination and will hopefully find one that we can call ‘home’ soon!

Lunch with Dad!

Fun at the park! (It wasn’t me, Mom!  It was him!)

Throwing leaves!

Boo and I have also started attending a toddler story time at our local library on Tuesday mornings and go swimming at the indoor pool at our complex on Thursdays.  She loves both of these activities, eagerly waiting for me by the front door and shouting bye bye when she knows where we are headed!  I am cherishing these moments with my tiny girl, who is getting bigger and bigger on me everyday.  She just turned 15 months last week and we had a great appointment with her new pediatrician. She is picking up a lot of new words and is walking all over the place these days!

Here she comes, Hollywood!

Busy walking everywhere!

Our bathing beauty!

Having one of her famous tea parties!

The adventure may not be without hardship, but what a depressing life we would live if we never said ‘yes’ to the Will of God.  Prince Charming and I never saw ourselves going down this “yellow-brick road” to Kansas, but we’ve talked since then of the ramifications of rejecting God’s leading in our lives.  We would have missed out on His blessings, turned our backs on the growth opportunities He has planned for us, and by settling for the comfortable and “known”, we would be accepting of the complacent Christian life, that which is to be greatly feared!  Never in my life do I ever want to be called a complacent, comfortable Christian.  I want Boo to see that her parents stepped out in faith and said ‘yes’ to an adventure with God!  We are called to live radically for Him and though it may not be an easy road, it definitely leads to amazing blessings!  We PRAISE you, Lord!


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