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Good Friday

April 18th, 2014

It’s Good Friday and while I have been remiss in my blogging…rather, unable to keep up with it in any sense!, I still thought it important to post today.

Janna from the Mustard Seeds blog has completely changed my life and that of my family’s in this regard.  We definitely “get our Easter on” each year – complete with Easter songs playing on the iPod, decorations, Jell-o Eggs, Easter Bunny cakes, dyeing Easter eggs, Easter devotions, and of course,  …our Hill of Calvary.

Last year, we hosted a Hill of Calvary party for Boo and her friends (and their mommies!)  SO. MUCH. FUN!  This year, we had a baby…and well, life’s a tad crazy right now.  So, no party.  But, we still made our own!

Here are a few photos from our fun party last year…














































































So fun to reminisce!

Each year, Boo rides her “donkey” (purple pool noodle) for Palm Sunday and we wave our palm branches shouting HOSANNA! (Our awesome Community Bible Study teacher started this tradition!)



















So funny to me that our Hill needs a haircut each year!












Boo reenacted the ride through Jerusalem, the Last Supper, and foot washing with a few chosen critters.  Gotta love the 12 disciples!  :)













This morning, we remembered that it was OUR sins that Jesus died for.  We wrote a few sins down this year and paved the way to the Cross…















It was today, Good Friday, that He died for us…we remember, we reflect.  I read the story again from the Jesus Storybook Bible to Boo.  I love the way this Children’s Bible presents the story…I get goosebumps every time.

Then she wrapped Him and laid Him in the tomb, sealing it with our big “stone”, and placing the soldiers in front to guard it.  We made armor and helmets for them this year…which she just loved.  This girl is all things dress-up…even for her little soldiers!

This is a story I never want her to forget.  Remember, my precious girl, who died for YOU, who came to SAVE you, who came because He LOVED you…who gives you a FUTURE and a HOPE. (Jer. 29:11)



















Today, we grieve our sin…and yet rejoice because it was His death that gave us the opportunity to be SAVED from this sin.  It was the ONLY way.  It is a somber day…but Easter is coming…death is not the end of this beautiful story…the grave can not hold OUR SAVIOR!


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