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January 8th, 2014

It’s been well over a year since I have blogged.  I could go into all the details of why I haven’t…but, let’s just say life has been very busy (isn’t it for all of us?) and I have not prioritized my blog.

However, there is a new motivation behind my rekindled desire to blog.  She’s really tiny and cute…a sweet baby girl that blessed our lives on October 29th of this past year.  Since this blog is public, I won’t reveal her real name, but we’ll call her “Smidge” on the blog – short for smidgen – defined by Webster as “a small amount.”  My mom coined that nickname and it stuck.  :)  She is quite darling, as are most babies to their mothers…and was born into the world with a mass of dark brown, fuzzy hair, and grey-blue eyes with a whole world of personality in them.  Our first-born daughter, whom we call “Boo” on this blog, is now a big sister, a title she wasn’t overly fond of for the first couple of weeks Smidge was here, but she has since wonderfully adjusted.

Boo and her baby sister - Our two pretty princesses dressed in their Cinderella best! Boo picked out Smidgey's coming home outfit, of course!

When Boo was born, I had a blog where I shared every new gurgle and coo, and while it may not have interested the great majority of folks, I still treasure it dearly.  Boo enjoys it too and we have shared many a special moment going back through my written memories of her, much to her delight.   Funny or sweet moments that would have slipped from my all-too forgetful mind, had I not written them down right then.  Moments when I saw God present in our lives – and what a blessing to recount His FAITHFULNESS!  I would love to give Smidge the same gift of her mother’s memories of her throughout the first couple years of her life, as I did with Boo.  I made it my resolution this year, and while I may not blog quite as often as I did with Boo (I now have two kiddos to care for, which limits my available time!), I aim to blog as often as I can about our darling and ever-changing girls.  Smidge is already 10 weeks old – I better get crackin’…and have MUCH to catch up on in the next few blog posts!  Our children are God’s greatest gifts into our lives and I long to remember every precious moment of their childhood days!

Sooo, Happy NEW Year – 2014!  I look forward to sharing life’s ups and downs in the next year with you, as I aim to live in the moment, capturing and journaling the moments we are sharing with our precious girls, and intentionally choosing to see God at work in our lives!

Welcome, Baby Smidge!  We are THRILLED God has blessed us with YOU!


Mommy, Daddy, and Boo

First Family Photos!


  1. | #1

    For some reason it just hit me that we both have two children, similarly spaced. You with your sweet girlie girls and me with my two squirrely boys. ;) I love blogs, so I’m glad to see yours. Excited to see every gurgle and coo! Glad to call you friend, dear sister!

  2. Nonny and Uncle George
    | #2

    We are looking forward to following the lives of Terra, Prince Charming, Boo and Smidge. What a perfect way to start 2014. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL.
    Aunt Nonny and Uncle George!

  3. Carol
    | #3

    Love that you are back to blogging! I can’t believe smidge is 10 weeks already – time is going too fast!

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