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August 8th, 2011

Do you have your cup of coffee?  I have mine.  No sugar please.  Just black.  Ready to chat?  I’ve soooo been looking forward to this!  Get comfy, Friend, and be sure to kick off your shoes.  You won’t need them here.  Well, maybe you will – just this ONCE!

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to introduce myself to you, since we’re new friends and all.  Not exactly sure how to sum ME up.   When I think about who I am and what interests me, I can’t help but think of my shoes.  Ahhh, SHOES.  Is there a girl out there that doesn’t love them?  Cute ones, sassy ones, comfy ones – oh, shoes!  How I love thee!

If you look in my closet, my shoes might confuse you as to who I am.  Let me highlight my favorites for you.

I love these shoes.  They are so comfortable, so ME.  I am the OUTDOOR girl!  I was raised in Colorado and these shoes have taken me all over the mountain tops of the Rocky Mountains.  They bring to mind so many treasured memories of hiking with my parents as a little girl, regularly admiring the colors of the aspen trees each Fall, finding a creek in a hidden forest, and discovering fields of wildflowers.  As I got older, I wore these very hiking shoes to ascend Grey’s Peak (a beautiful, 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado) with my parents and friends – and unbeknownst to me – my future husband.

Funny memory with these shoes…I drank all of my CamelBak water supply by the time I got to the top of the peak and had to run down the mountain for two hours to find a bathroom!  Thankfully, my new friend came with me to keep me company as I trekked down the mountain ahead of the group.  Two years later, I married him.  :o)  Good ‘ol shoes.

Thankfully I didn’t marry him in those shoes!  I chose something a bit more appropriate for the occasion – and for me.  My family nicknamed me “Cinderella” when my foot size grew three sizes one summer!  Gotta love junior high growth spurts.  My family would jest, “Squeeze your foot in there, Cinderella!” as I would try to jam on yet another shoe that fit just a few days before, but not today.   “Cinderella” stuck and I began dreaming of the Cinderella wedding I might have one day.  When I finally met Prince Charming, I picked out these beautiful glass slipper-esque  shoes:

I think Cinderella herself would have approved.   The day I wore these magical shoes, not only did I feel like a princess, but I also  became a “wife”.  This has changed the definition of ME in enormous ways – and I hope for the better.   I still pull out those shoes and admire them.  Thank you, Prince Charming, for “walking” these seven years with me!

Four years after donning the glass slippers, I put them up on the shelf and traded them out for these:

So frayed, so easy, so comfortable – complete with UN-pedicured feet!  These, my Friend, are my MOM shoes.  I think I’m more proud of these shoes than any other I’ve ever worn.  They have endured sleepless nights and spit-up, playgrounds and play-dates to cuddles and kisses, first words and wobbly steps.  Oh yessss…I’m SO proud of these shoes.  I wear them with pride.  A blonde-haired, blue-eyed cutie calls me “MAMA” and I have cherished each day of her two and half years.  I’ll call her “Boo” on this blog and there is no other name that sounds more melodic and wonderful to my ears.  Every day has been so easy and carefree and I truly have arrived at being the perfect mom.  NOT!  Hello REALITY!  Being mama has been full of challenges and growth opportunities, but I truly do love it and cherish the role and these fabulous shoes!

These shoes are pretty new to me, but I thought I would include them as a new aspect of me that has only recently developed.  We’re not overly acquainted, these shoes and I.  I hope to be eventually.  We’ve been working on our relationship.  Some days are better than others.  Some days, I stick them out on the curb and slam the door.  Other days, I bring them back inside and try to love them again.  Prince Charming and I have taken up running together as a means of fitness.  Yesterday was a good day, and I brought them inside.  Other days, not so much.  But, we’re committed and trying to work on the whole bonding thing with these shoes.  We stick Boo in her jogging stroller and off we go as a family!

I’m not a stranger to fitness, having grown up biking, hiking, and snowshoeing all over the state of Colorado – even biking 125 miles across the state of Wisconsin with my parents!   Since having a baby, however, my body has become quite comfortable with it’s new expanded hips and lack of ab muscles.  Nay nay, I say.  We’ve committed to this running thing, Body, so meet your new shoes!

Aren’t these shoes the cutest?  They are my prized souvenir from Italy.  I could hardly tell you about me without including a bit about Italy.  I’ve long been enamored with the country, but after a dream vacation there with Prince Charming in 2007, I am even more hooked!  Italy has influenced much of my decorating, cooking, and even the name of our little girl.  And especially my love for gelato…yummmm!

I HAD to include these shoes.  I love me some Chucks- especially ones with daisies and cherries on them!  These sum up the spirit of ME – I love to have fun, bring out my inner-child, plan a party, try new things, and make new friends!  These are the WOO-HOO side of ME!

These aren’t my shoes – but I am striving to have feet as beautiful as these.  These are the feet of Jesus, and if I’m ANYthing, I’m GOD’S GIRL.  I definitely don’t do it perfectly and I often stumble and  make  mistakes.  But, at the very core of who I am, I LONG to resemble the hands and feet of my amazing Lord.  I want to share Him with those around me – even if it’s just hanging out, a cup of coffee, or a word of encouragement.  Oh, Lord – please make my feet more like yours.

I don’t need the hiking shoes much these days, as God has moved us recently to Kansas City.  We’re walking this road with God and I am striving to willingly wear the shoes He has so graciously given me to wear.

So, I say, if the shoe fits…  WEAR IT!  ’Cuz ONE SHOE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

               What shoes are you wearing today, Friend?

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