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Happy Birthday, Boo Bear!

December 16th, 2011


From this:  (Boo at 3 months)                        To this:  (Boo at 3 years)


*sniff*  My girl is growing up and this mama isn’t ready for it.  I think this post is more for Boo than anyone.  My heart is overflowing for her and I just had to write it all down today – her third birthday.

I love that little drip of drool on her lip in her baby picture.  I used to wiggle my nose in those fuzzy hairs and breathe in the sweet smell of my baby.  (Well, sometimes it wasn’t so sweet – depending on the state of her diaper!)  She has never had a single hair on her head trimmed until this week.  I was always afraid to cut off her baby curls, but I think I also loved thinking about those little hairs at the end of a long strand, being the first ever hairs she had as a baby.  Her hair is getting a tad shaggy, though, so it is time…let the little hairs go, Mama.  It’s bittersweet …one more thing to release…yet, also one more thing to celebrate.  I’m a sentimental sap.  I’m okay with that.

I used to have a private blog and I posted this on her 3 month birthday:

“Boo is changing more and more every day. I love seeing her personality show through, even though it often comes with quite a bit of opinions! She’s very social, energetic, and opinionated! She loves to ‘talk’ and coo with us – like a real conversation! She likes to talk like this with the “baby in the mirror” too! Melts me every time! Her little legs are getting stronger and stronger and she would rather you hold her in the standing position more than any other position. This past week she has taken to batting at her toys in her wiggle worm gym and I keep hearing the occasional gurgle, which is a new sound for her. We had her weighed at the pediatricians office last Friday and she is up to 13 lbs. 1 oz. already. Growing girl! As always, she is full of endless smiles for us.”

How things change in the blink of an eye.  Gurgles and coos and batting at toys – those were the big changes in her world.  Now she is talking ENDLESSLY in full sentences, cutting and pasting, dancing, learning her ABC’s, 123′s, and sight words, and singing a full array of songs, YET – she is still the ever-opinionated kiddo!  :)  Some things never change, eh?


My world became a better place the day you graced our lives and our hearts, my darling Boo Bear.  I love being your mama more than you’ll ever know.  I hope you always run across the room to me and say, “I need a kiss!”  I’ll always need one too – and I’ll ALWAYS have one for you.

Do you know what I love about you, Boo?  Pretty much everything…The funny things you say, your tiny voice singing Christmas Carols and delighting in Christmas lights, jumping and dancing around the room to “Cowboy’s Sweetheart” or other fun songs, pretty pictures you color for me, telling me to “Be Happy” on days that I’m not, your thrill of stomping in puddles and going for walks in the rain, your love for playing in the snow or enjoying beautiful sunny days, gathering acorns and dandelions, your eagerness to read stories together or make pretend soup and cookies in your kitchen, watching your critters being placed in “time out” – AGAIN, your laughter and silly sense of humor, your love of all things “fancy” and sparkly, and your complete love and adoration of your dearest friend, Fuzzy Bear.  I love to comb your pretty “yellow” curls and watch you twirl in the family room.  My favorite thing in the world is a giant, extra big hug from my girl – complete with a kiss – and maybe even some snuggle time, if I’m lucky.


And as you grow, I hope to grow too:  To be an even better mama to you, growing in patience, wisdom, and in the love of our Lord, as He continues to teach me how to be the best mommy I can be to you.  I’m NOT doing this perfectly and how I wish I could.  I know I’m going to continue in the “imperfect”, “wish-I-had-handled-that-better” path.  Yet, how I will strive each and every day to do even better – for you, for God.  I promise to love you forever, to pray over you always, and most importantly, to show you to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Hard to fathom, but He actually loves you even more than I can.  Just thinking about how much I love you must mean that He REALLY, REALLY, REALLY loves you!   Wow – that’s a lot.  I pray over your heart – that you will give it over to Him gladly and dedicate your life to living for Him.  I get excited just thinking about all of the good things He’s got planned for you.  You’re gonna be GREAT, Baby – just walking hand in hand with our Saviour!   Trust Him – He’s Faithful.  (I can’t wait to share with you all the ways He’s been Faithful to your daddy and me!)  Love Him – He loves you and wants to be the Keeper and Protector of your heart.  Follow Him – He won’t lead you astray.  You got a mama and daddy that will be uplifting you in prayer all the days of your life.  Take your STRENGTH from Him and COMFORT in those prayers!

The day the Lord blessed me with YOU, was one of the very best days of my life.  I remember kissing your tiny head the second you were placed in my arms for the first time.  I couldn’t stop looking at you – taking it all in – amazed at this absolute miracle of God wiggling in my arms and feeling incredibly humbled and blessed to be chosen to be your mama.   I’m so proud of you – of all that you are and what you’ve accomplished in just three short little years.  I am delighting in each day of your childhood and am extremely grateful that I can be home with you to relish in all of these moments.

I love you, my sweet Boo.  Always and Forever.  Happy Birthday, Princess!


** A special thank you to Kris Hayne for photographing our family for Boo’s 3 month photos and to Allison French for the beautiful photographs of our family this past Fall.



  1. Cinderella’s Mother
    | #1

    Well – of course this blog posts brings the tears. Boo brought new wonders and boundless joy to our hearts and lives just 3 short years ago, too. Most of my days now I have to work at not feeling cheated out of so much of her life – like these last 2 years. God’s will is for your family to live in Kansas City, but Boo barely graced our world when He revealed this choice, and you all were gone from living in Colorado. We do celebrate you as you turn 3 Princess Boo, and we think God has given you an incredible Mommy! God has not revealed His mysterious plans for your family to us, and undoubtedly He won’t. So, we walk on in faith and trust — grateful for His care over each of you, and praying for His unending blessings to you as you grow up away from us, Sweet Boo. When we are together – well, it is pure joy! Happy Birthday, our tiny sweet one! We love you so very much! And, tomorrow – we will be blessed to have you here for a visit! Can’t wait!

  2. Michelle
    | #2

    Love it! Thanks for sharing your heart (and pictures). Great job with putting the two side by side. I still can’t believe that YOU have a little blonde hair, blue-eyed girl with curls none-the-less! Wouldn’t have pictured that one. :o ) Love you lots and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Boo!

  3. Cinderella’s Sister
    | #3

    Such a beautiful princess! Thank-you for sharing your 3rd birthday with us. We had so much fun delighting in pin the tail on Eeyore, sack races, and honey bee toss. What fun it was to meet your special little friend, watch you play in your new kitchen, and dress fancy for a romp and dance with your cousins to Cowboy Sweetheart. Your joy and smile light up a room and is so contagious! We love you sweet girl and hope that your actual day was as special as your early birthday party was! Happy Birthday and now Merry Christmas, sweet Boo! Enjoy your time with Gg, Pop Pop, Granny Bo, and Grumpy Bo!

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