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There’s No Place Like Home

September 21st, 2012

Originally Posted:  August 15th, 2009 by Terra

There’s a new addition to our landscaping at our house now…a “For Sale” sign.  I never would have thought two months ago that we would be on this wild journey of not having a job, then having a job that is less than ideal, then having a great job offer, but having to move to Kansas City to accept it.  What a wild ride.  Yet, God has proven so faithful through it all and we truly feel like different people on the other side of this.  I was hoping for a whole lot of peace and tranquility after this storm, but now we are uprooting our lives and moving to Kansas City.  We feel strongly that this is where God is leading us.  He has given us so many signs that have pointed us in this direction.  This is one of the hardest things we’ve ever gone through, though.  I personally have lived in Colorado for just over 22 years now.  It is so, so painful to say goodbye to our families and friends.  We keep driving by places that we have sweet memories at – where we used to go as kids with our family, where we dated, the home improvement store we spent our life at once we became homeowners, the first place we took our new baby, Little Boo.  Such sweet memories – such a painful parting.  We will miss it here.  I already miss the mountains and the many get-aways we took there – as a couple and with my family as a kid.  I can’t help but compare us to Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz…even while in Kansas, we will be saying, “there’s no place like HOME.”

We have poured our guts into this, our first home.  When we first moved here in May of 2006, it had a mouse and spider infestation, wild paint colors, holes in the walls, lighting from the eighties, and so much more.  We have transformed it in so many ways and today, as we are touching up the paint, trimming the yard, and getting it ready to sell, we are sad and sentimental.  This was our first home, the first home we found out we were expecting and then later brought our newborn baby home to.  I will miss it…but God has big plans waiting for us.  We are going in faith and anticipating His direction.

Prince Charming took these photos…enjoy…

The Entry


The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Office and Adjoining Bathroom

The Dining Room


Our Master Bedroom

Boo’s Nursery (this just breaks my heart to leave this sweet room we made for her)

God has been so GOOD…we trust His calling…and we will go…


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